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Monday, 19 February 2018



96% Payout
Compatible with:
Graphics - 92%
Gameplay - 96%
Bonuses - 96%
Value - 96%
Overall impression - 95%


97% Payout
  • 100 up to 300 and a overall rating of 96%
100% up to £300
Compatible with:
Graphics - 94%
Gameplay - 96%
Bonuses - 97%
Value - 97%
Overall impression - 96%

Virgin Games

96.7% Payout
  • 200 up to 200 and a overall rating of 90%
200% up to £200
Compatible with:
Graphics - 91%
Gameplay - 86%
Bonuses - 92%
Value - 92%
Overall impression - 90%

Leo Vegas

96.5% Payout
  • 1600 bonus and a overall rating of 97%
£1600 bonus
leovegas casino games
Compatible with:
Graphics - 97%
Gameplay - 97%
Bonuses - 99%
Value - 98%
Overall impression - 97%


97.4% Payout
  • 600 bonus and a overall rating of 97%
£600 bonus
Compatible with:
Graphics - 98%
Gameplay - 98%
Bonuses - 96%
Value - 98%
Overall impression - 97%

Secret Slots

95% Payout
  • 150 up to 100 and a overall rating of 90%
150% up to $100
secret slots casino
Compatible with:
Graphics - 89%
Gameplay - 89%
Bonuses - 91%
Value - 91%
Overall impression - 90%

Slots Angel

96.3% Payout
  • 10 up to 10 and a overall rating of 90%
10% up to £10
Slots Angel Casino
Compatible with:
Graphics - 88%
Gameplay - 87%
Bonuses - 92%
Value - 94%
Overall impression - 90%


97.6% Payout
  • 250 up to 250 and a overall rating of 93%
250% up to £250
Compatible with:
Graphics - 95%
Gameplay - 95%
Bonuses - 90%
Value - 95%
Overall impression - 93%

Island Jackpots

95.7% Payout
  • 10 bonus and a overall rating of 94%
£10 bonus
Compatible with:
Graphics - 95%
Gameplay - 93%
Bonuses - 93%
Value - 96%
Overall impression - 94%

Wicked Jackpots

96.5% Payout
  • 100 up to 777 and a overall rating of 94%
100% up to £777
Compatible with:
Graphics - 92%
Gameplay - 94%
Bonuses - 97%
Value - 96%
Overall impression - 94%

UK Casino Top List

Best Online Casinos

Here at Casino Hub, we offer only the best and most well known online casinos. It is our goal here for you to have fun and make sure you get the most for your buck! We also do not want you to end up in a scam. You want to have fun and we want to make sure that happens.

Our most used and well known online casino is BGO. BGO has a huge variety of games to chose from. All games are guaranteed to payout if you win. It is a great website and not a scam like some others are. BGO gives a 96% pay out.

Second on our list is an online casino called Casumo. Casumo is a fun online casino and it even has a mascot that also goes by Casumo and is sort of like a sumo wrestler. Casumo has endless options for games and it is only to please you and make sure you have the best experience. That is why Casumo offers a 97% payout.

Virgin Games is our third most played online casino website. With a 96.7% payout and a load of games to choose from it is no wonder why it isn’t first on our list. Virgin Games was founded in 2003 and has a wide variety of games such as bingo and slots!

About Casinos Online

If you are unaware of how online casinos work, I have a little information for you. Online casinos work because they do not cost as much to run because little staff is needed. Also, online, you do not need any real materials. All this is not available. Everything is virtual. Even though it is all virtual, the money is real. You can win big if you play right just like in an ordinary casino.

Online casinos offer the same games as you would see on the floor. These games just end up being virtual and on your computer instead of in a building with servers. It is important that you understand that the rules are the same, the game is usually played the same, and everything except the virtual aspect of this is the same.

You always need to understand, just like in a real situation, the house always has the shot at winning. In this case, the house is the creators of the online game. However, short term you could and may very well win something. If you get greedy and play long term, you may lose money. The house always has an advantage in any situation, virtual or not.

Under Standing The Rules Of Gambling

Before going into any gambling game, understand how the game is played and what the rules are. Understand what to expect and definitely practice. Research the company to make sure it is a real company and you will get your money. Also, research to make sure you are not just putting your money into someone else’s hands. This is why we only give you the best companies with the best reputations. Have fun and good luck!

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